Our Combination technology and unique GritGone Process® is a safer and faster method of debris removal that saves valuable time and money through an increased rate of production. We restore capacity to both treatment and collection infrastructure and, if conditions allow, our method significantly reduces the need for confined space entry. At U.S. Submergent Technologies®, we Grit ‘Er Done!®

Every member of USST's experienced Field Crew has completed more than 80(+) hours of safety and compliance training, with ongoing daily on-the-job instruction. Our Crew expertly operates our one-of-a-kind patented technology and strives to provide exceptional customer service.

While most vacuum trucks only have a vacuum, the Combination Truck features a jetter and combined vacuum and downhole system to produce powerful results other technologies cannot match, including:

  • Clean while facilities remain in service with no facility shutdown or bypass pumping
  • Remove material in submerged or surcharged conditions
  • Reduce or potentially eliminate the need for confined space entry
  • Paint-filter dry material, ready for disposal, with our GritGone Process®
  • Extended reach with 49-foot extendable boom

Structures We Clean

We specialize in accessing hard-to-reach infrastructure and can clean a wide variety of tanks and large-diameter pipe. If you have a challenging structure that needs to be cleaned, contact us and we will work with you to put together a plan to solve the issue.

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A few examples of problems we have solved include cleaning though a right angle and a syphon while it remained in operation, 1,000(+)-feet of sanitary interceptor, accessing a manhole in a river, vacuuming over 25-feet high walls, and removing materials from 30(+)-feet deep wells, just to name a few.

Below is a sample of some of the structures or areas where our technology excels. Have a structure that needs cleaning that’s not on this list? Give us a call! Chances are that we can help.

Aeration Basin
Anoxic Tank
Baffle Box
Box Culvert
Chlorine Contact Chamber
Effluent Channel
Equalization Basin
Grit Chamber
Influent Channel
Large-diameter Pipe
Lift Station
Methane Tank
Nearshore Dredging
Oxidation Ditch
Sand Filter
Sludge Tank
Splitter Box
Storage Tank
Stormwater Pipe
Surge Chamber
Trickling Filter
Wet Well