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We clean lift stations with no drain down or confined space entry required

U.S. Submergent Technologies® has the technology and the experience to clean lift stations in ways that no other company can. We routinely remove debris from pump stations and wet wells in full operation, often without the need for draining down or confined space entry.

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Our crew with Combination Truck at work on a lift station in North Florida.

Your obstacle

Lift or pump stations are an integral part of the wastewater collection system, and they tend to accumulate sand and grit due to unwanted inflow issues during periods of heavy rain. Sand and grit eventually build up, reducing the wet well capacity and increasing pump run times and putting unnecessary wear and tear on pumps. 

The more sand that is found in a lift station reducing wet well capacity, the more frequently the pumps must start and stop due to reduced cycle times. And in a facility with only one operating pump and no redundancy, the already limited capacity of the structure is put under additional operational stress. Removing this sand and grit the traditional way usually requires a facility shutdown and confined space entry — both of which are costly and time-consuming.

Our Solution

With USST’s Combination3® truck and patented GritGone Process®, our crews can remove debris from lift stations with one piece of equipment, quickly switching between cleaning modes to solve most access issues. Our crews can remove debris from both the surface of the water and the bottom of the structure without additional equipment or repositioning. Our downhole pump has the ability to restore the capacity of the wet well while the vacuum removes rag material in addition to fats, oils and greases from the surface. Both of these functions can be performed while the lift or pump station remains in full operation at full capacity, without the need for confined space entry.  

Lift stations are one of our specialties. Our equipment is designed to clean in a variety of ways, quickly and safely.  We can remove material at an increased rate without having to put the crew down in the tanks.