Complete Visibility in Wastewater Tanks Leads to Predictive Maintenance

SediVision™ Features SediVision™ Benefits
High Resolution Image Know the location of material in a full wastewater tank.
Mapping of Tank Material Know where and how much material is under dark water in tanks.
Quantity Calculations Estimates loss of capacity. Eliminates the risks of probing and estimating with no visibility. Avoid setbacks in the scope of work such as change orders, schedule, and budget.
Analysis and Reporting Includes related sediment characteristics and water chemistry of wastewater tank.
Predictive Maintenance Analytics and Recommendations Allows accurate planning of wastewater tank maintenance using our analytical tools for predictive maintenance for when a wastewater tank will require cleaning in the future.


SediVision™ is U.S. Submergent Technologies’ (USST) predictive maintenance solution designed for wastewater tank conditions. Our proprietary technology provides complete visibility where there has never been any, under dark water in wastewater tanks. With SediVision™, you’ll know precisely how much and where material has accumulated in your wastewater tanks, enabling you to make informed decisions about how to restore capacity and where to direct cleaning resources.

SediVision™ allows you to develop a predictive maintenance schedule for your wastewater tanks based on reliable data.


Because the water in most wastewater tanks is highly turbid, it can be difficult to see what is beneath this dark water. Given most wastewater tanks are out of sight, they can often be out of mind until an emergency occurs. SediVision™ eliminates any guesswork by giving managers responsible for the maintenance of critical wet infrastructure complete visibility below turbid water. This process allows managers to direct cleaning efforts towards structures with the highest accumulation, and develop a predictive maintenance schedule based on reliable data.

SediVision™ provides complete visibility for the project ahead, ensuring thorough preparation, a customized solution, precise use of time and resources, and faster project completion. With SediVision™, you’ll get reliable information to make better decisions.


SediVision™ is a predictive maintenance solution which combines USST’s experience and know-how from cleaning hundreds of wastewater tanks with a series of proprietary techniques to provide complete visibility where there has never been any; under dark water in wastewater tanks.

SediVision™ allows for easy verification of material removal after cleaning. By knowing what is inside the tank, you can avoid logistical and operational problems associated with draining down. Our ability to provide accuracy, even in submerged conditions, allows you to view the condition of your tanks before and after the cleaning process. This means USST can remove all the material the first time, and we can provide post-cleaning verification, so you know the job was done right.

The data provided by using SediVision™ allows you to develop a predictive maintenance schedule with confidence.

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With SediVision™ you can make precise decisions in restoring your capacity.

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