U.S. Submergent Technologies is the premier service provider for removing sand, grit and residuals from submerged conditions and hard-to-clean infrastructure.

U.S. Submergent Technologies has revolutionized infrastructure maintenance by specializing in submergent cleaning to remove debris from hard-to-clean environments. Our proprietary Combination3® technology — along with our GritGone ProcessSM —increases our rate of production, giving us an advantage over the competition. Our innovative jetter and combined vacuum and downhole system allows us to remove accumulated solids from the bottom of structures, providing a safer and faster way to clean wet infrastructure. Today, U.S. Submergent Technologies is able to restore capacity in the wastewater industry, oil and gas industry, power plant facilities and other systems that can benefit from being cleaned while in service. Learn more about our process or check out our video for a brief overview of our services.