Supporting image for Large-Diameter PipesWe clean large pipes with no need for bypass

U.S. Submergent Technologies® specializes in cleaning large-diameter pipes while wet, in submerged or surcharged conditions. Large-diameter pipes — 30 inches and larger in diameter — are notoriously hard to clean because flow in large pipes is costly and inconvenient to bypass. Using traditional cleaning methods, flow must be temporarily blocked or bypassed to completely remove sand, grit, and other debris. 

However, bypassing flow can be a costly proposition. Using our GritGone Process® and Combination3® Truck, U.S. Submergent Technologies cleans pipes while in service, submerged, and in surcharged conditions. Yes, we clean large-diameter pipes while in operation without the need for bypass pumping. 

Supporting image for Large-Diameter Pipes

USST’s Combination Truck removing material from pipe system while in operation in Central Florida.


Your obstacle

Over time, sand and debris clog pipe systems, causing reduced capacity, blockages, and potential upstream flooding. If a blockage or reduction in capacity is ignored, a blocked pipe can cause flooding and water damage in the surrounding areas, can compromise capacity of the entire system, or it can cause mechanical damage. So while routine maintenance is important for pipes in your system, it’s complicated to bypass flow. And, using traditional equipment, large-diameter pipes can’t be cleaned without the need for bypass.

Our Solution

U.S. Submergent Technologies uses one-of-a-kind patented technology to produce results other equipment can’t match. While most vacuum trucks only have a vacuum, the Combination3® Truck features a jetter and combined vacuum and downhole system to remove debris safely and efficiently in wet or dry conditions. 

Our crews use technology to minimize the need for confined space entry, keeping job sites safer and completing the work faster.  U.S. Submergent Technologies’ equipment can maneuver through long runs of pipes and navigate modest turns in submerged conditions.

See, Clean, & Verify While in Operation
When visibility is crucial to the job ahead, USST’S CCTV/Sonar assessment and verification services allows us to see, clean, and verify the conditions of both tanks and pipes in real-time while in full operation with no bypass or facility shutdown.

Supporting image for Large-Diameter Pipes

CCTV Crawler in Action

Our technology allows us to preview sediment build-up, view sections of pipe that are in need of maintenance or repairs, and verify material removal after cleaning. The technology gives us greater visibility and better prepares us for the project, ensuring a more tailored solution and a quicker outcome.Supporting image for Large-Diameter Pipes

  • Live inspection feed in submerged conditions
  • Comprehensive pre-and-post cleaning inspection video and reports
  • Both CCTV Crawler or Combined CCTV/Sonar imaging capabilities available as needed
  • Recommendation for best course of action for removal of material
  • PACP Certified Operators
  • Ready to deploy upon notice

Pipes we clean

  • Gravity/sanitary sewer collection pipes
  • Outfall pipes
  • Siphons
  • Stormwater systems, including box culverts and baffle boxes

Wondering what’s in your pipe or tank? U.S. Submergent Technologies can deliver live inspection feeds providing comprehensive reports and video for both pre- and post- cleaning inspections.