Develop Your Maintenance Program With Confidence

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Complete Visibility Leads to Better Stewardship One of the biggest challenges facing America’s wastewater infrastructure is it’s often out of sight, which means there is a high probability it’s also out of mind. Unlike potholes, which cannot be ignored, the condition of our wastewater tanks is not as obvious. In our business, the first step to understanding a problem is being able to see the problem. Since the water in wastewater tanks is turbid or dark water, it’s impossible to see how much and where material has accumulated. Proprietary and confidential. Do not distribute.© 2021 U.S. Submergent Techologies, LLC. All rights reserved. The solution, provided by U.S. Submergent Technologies (USST) is SediVisionTM, a remarkable decision-making tool designed for complete visibility in wastewater tanks. Knowledge gained from SediVisionTM helps managers responsible for the maintenance of critical wet infrastructure allocate precious resources, develop a maintenance program based on accurate data, and target cleaning efforts for an efficient maintenance process. With SediVisionTM, you can avoid setbacks in the scope of work, schedule, budget, and change orders by knowing precisely how much and where the material is in your wastewater tanks. This information is also beneficial in evaluating wastewater treatment plant efficiencies like energy use, water quality, and chemical … Read More

Cleaning a Wastewater Tank – How Much Will It Cost?

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Plan Your Maintenance with Confidence Using SediVision U.S. Submergent Technologies (USST) understands the cost of cleaning a wastewater tank is directly associated with the amount of material and the difficulty required to reach and remove it. Given the importance of how much cleaning a tank will cost, accurately estimating the amount of material in the tank is just as vital. In our industry, we often run into the question – How much will it cost to clean this tank? Well, that depends on a few factors such as the amount of the material, the type of material, where the material is located, and the work required to reach and remove it. If a tank cannot be drained down to provide a visual assessment, then an estimate of quantity must be used. Probing is often used to estimate how much material is in the tank. However, typically only certain points can be probed, and these areas may not be representative, resulting in a significant under or over estimate. USST has developed a more accurate means to determine how much and where material is in a wastewater tank. SediVisionTM is a state-of-the-art decision-making tool that maps the distribution and volume of material under turbid water in a … Read More

SediVision Gets To Work Saving Customer Thousands of Dollars

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Eliminates the Guesswork of Material in Wastewater Tanks In Southeast Florida, U.S. Submergent Technologies (USST) was able to provide visibility to managers of a wastewater treatment facility regarding their oxidation ditch and potential loss of capacity. The visibility was provided by USST using SediVisionTM, an exclusive tool that allows for complete visibility of sand and grit accumulation in wastewater tanks. In our industry, draining down a wastewater tank can be logistically difficult. Because the water is highly turbid, handheld rods are typically used to probe around the tank edges to determine the quantity of material. This is an unreliable means to estimate how much material is spread throughout the tank. For this customer, not knowing exactly how much material was in the tank created uncertainty, which typically leads to higher costs. Uncertainty is the Achilles’ heel of our industry; uncertainty of the type, volume, and location of the material. For this project, uncertainty might have delayed much-needed maintenance on the oxidation ditch indefinitely. However, by utilizing our SediVisionTM technology, USST was able to provide greater certainty in the volume of material and present a solid work plan that was much more affordable for the customer. Because SediVisionTM allowed for targeted … Read More

Eliminating the Guesswork of Material in Wastewater Tanks

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SediVision Provides Complete Visibility of Sand and Grit Accumulation Over the years at U.S. Submergent Technologies (USST) we have cleaned hundreds of wastewater tanks for local utilities. This experience has identified a persistent issue for our customers, which is not having an accurate estimate of the material in their tanks due to a lack of visibility. Because it is impossible to see through extremely turbid water and draining down wastewater tanks is frequently not an option. In our industry, we often find ourselves asking – What happens if there is more material in the tank than estimated? At USST, we have solved the issues associated with uncertainty in the quantity of material in wastewater tanks. These issues include maintenance setbacks such as the scope of work, schedule, budget, and change orders. The solution is SediVisionTM, a decision-making tool that provides complete visibility of sand and grit accumulation in wastewater tanks. By producing digital images of accumulated material that is stealing away valuable capacity, utility managers can plan for future maintenance with confidence. The value of this information is unquestionable, especially if you have ever encountered an incorrect assumption in the field. Knowing the quantity of material eliminates guesswork and facilitates … Read More

Introducing SediVision, A Decision-Making Tool for Allocating Limited Resources

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SediVisionTM allows you to see the conditions beneath dark water due to excessive turbidity in your tanks Given most wastewater infrastructure is out of sight, it often can be out of mind unless it becomes an emergency. Because the water in these structures is highly turbid, it can be difficult to see what is beneath the water stealing your valuable capacity. To help managers responsible for the maintenance of critical wet infrastructure, U.S. Submergent Technologies (USST) developed a remarkable decision-making tool designed especially for wastewater conditions called SediVisionTM. SediVisionTM allows for complete visibility where there has never been any, under dark water in your tanks. This information can be used to guide the allocation of limited resources and direct cleaning efforts towards structures with the highest accumulation, resulting in a more efficient cleaning process.  SediVisionTM provides visibility and preparation for the project ahead, ensuring a more tailored solution, precise use of time and resources, and a quicker outcome to meet your needs. USST’s SediVisionTM Provides: Comprehensive pre-and post-cleaning inspection images and reports. Recommendations for the best course of action for removal of material. Would knowing how much and what the material is in your tanks be useful? USST’s SediVisionTM can … Read More

Clean large diameter pipe while in service

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Over 4,800 Feet of Large Diameter Pipe Cleaned and Inspected While in Operation In Central Florida, U.S. Submergent Technologies (USST) cleaned and inspected over 1,900 linear feet of 36” pipe and 2,800 linear feet of 48” pipe. Our patented and versatile Combination3® Truck allowed USST to clean these large diameter pipes while they remained in service, with no need for bypass or shutdown. During the 2020 rainy season, pipe systems were put to the test with additional flows from rainfall. This stretch of pipe was along a major thoroughfare and could not be taken out of service which presented unique challenges that only USST’s patented technology could resolve. Using our phased approach of See, Clean, & VerifyTM, 276 tons of sand and grit were removed while remaining in operation. Our SediVisionTM technology allowed USST’s crew to provide a post-cleaning inspection and verify for the customer that their pipe capacity was fully restored. SAFETY FIRST WHILE CLEANING PIPES IN SERVICE “When going into a job like this safety is our number one priority. Through extensive and ongoing training, the principle of safety is embedded into the function of every single crew member,” said Aaron Hood, Operations Manager at USST. “Our experience … Read More