We’ve Got the Technology

When visibility is crucial to the job ahead, USST’s CCTV/Sonar assessment and verification services allow us to see, clean and verify the conditions of both tanks and pipes in real time while in full operation with no bypass or facility shutdown. Learn more about the pipe and tank structures we clean here.

Our new technology allows us to preview sediment build up, view sections of pipe that are in need of maintenance or repairs, and verify material removal after cleaning. The technology gives us greater visibility and better prepares us for the project, ensuring a more tailored solution and a quicker outcome.

  • Live inspection feed in submerged conditions
  • Comprehensive pre- and post-cleaning inspection video and reports
  • Both CCTV Crawler or Combined CCTV/Sonar imaging capabilities available as needed
  • Recommendation for best course of action for removal of material
  • PACP Certified Operators
  • Ready to deploy upon notice

Questions about our comprehensive services or need more info?
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CCTV / Sonar Truck