SEDIVISION™ Frequently Asked Questions

How much does SediVision™ cost?

The cost of SediVision™ is comprised of field work (data collection), laboratory work (water and solids analytics), data processing, data review, GIS integration, and summary of findings developed. The costs are usually developed on a per SF basis. The level of effort for complete data collection drives the field work costs. Laboratory costs are fixed unit costs. Data processing, review, and GIS integration are a function of the size and complexity of structure. Once the specific wastewater tank details are understood, a detailed cost can be provided for review.

What is SediVision™?

SediVision™ is a complete management solution that reduces risk by providing certainty quickly.

SediVision™ is a patent-pending (proprietary) approach to collecting and analyzing data exclusively in wastewater tanks developed by USST based on their experience listening and serving customers. SediVision™ provides certainty where previously none existed, below dark water in wastewater tanks.

How are SediVision™ services ordered?

You can contact one of our knowledgeable representatives at (844) 765-7866 or Once connected, USST will guide you through this state-of-the-art assessment. Upon completion of field analytics, the post-processing work begins. The output of this effort is knowledge that can be incorporated into planning and developing a predictive maintenance strategy. In the end, through complete visibility into wastewater tanks, plant operations, and maintenance can be in sync.

How does SediVision™ work?

SediVision™ uses data collection and analysis to estimate the quantity and location of material in wastewater tanks.

Why was SediVision™ developed?

SediVision™ is the non-obvious solution to overcome the challenges of managing wet infrastructure that is out of sight and potentially out of mind coupled with highly turbid water. SediVision™ collects and processes the data to information, so you can plan any necessary maintenance with confidence.

When reliability matters, use SediVision™. Contact U.S. Submergent Technologies at (844) 249-6935 or