Shout Out to Critical Workers in the Wastewater Field


Eric Pace, Paul Del Favero, & Charles Harrington from the USST Family
Eric Pace, Paul Del Favero, & Charles Harrington from the USST Family

As we navigate this unprecedented situation together, we want to recognize the essential work being done by our customers, suppliers, business partners, and so many others working to keep vital infrastructure flowing.  The work you’re performing in the wastewater and water sectors is critical to maintaining quality of life for our communities throughout this pandemic and beyond.

While social distancing has required temporary measures to limit physical interactions, it doesn’t change the passion and respect we share for the work we do as industry friends.

Join us in cheering on our fellow wastewater and
water co-workers.

Leave a positive message, a note of encouragement, recognize anyone you know who has gone above and beyond, or simply drop a line letting us know how you’re coping in the comments below.  We’ll share the shout outs on social and in our next newsletter.

We are committed to staying positive, as well as practicing the highest health and safety standards throughout these circumstances, and we’d genuinely like to hear how you’re doing.

From all of us at USST, we appreciate your role more than ever, respect the critical work you are performing, and are happy to contribute wherever most helpful.


The USST Team

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7 Comments on “Shout Out to Critical Workers in the Wastewater Field”

  1. Thank you to all the people continuing to perform important work throughout this pandemic – you are appreciated!

  2. The wastewater industry isn’t an easy job in normal circumstances. With the pandemic going on it surely isn’t easier. Kudos to all the wastewater professionals that make the environment and the world a better place

  3. Thank you all for the hard work and dedication during these times. Wastewater is invisible to most people when its all working properly but its hard to imagine a more essential industry that works for the benefit of everyone.

    Thanks again for all you do!

  4. As we’re all dealing with changes, the strong ones keep the ball rolling so there will be still a world we know past the storm.

  5. Wastewater operators are a diverse and talented group. They continually impress me under ordinary circumstances, and rise to any emergency. Their commitment to public health and the environment can’t be overstated. Kudos to all of you!

  6. The pandemic is going to forever change the world as we know it for generations to come. Hopefully for the better.

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