Splitter Box Cleaned While in Operation


A Central Florida utility was experiencing reduced capacity in a splitter box due to a significant buildup of sand and grit. 

Wastewater treatment facilities typically employ a splitter box to separate influent flow to various structures such as aeration basins or clarifiers.  This Central Florida splitter box had a visible level of sand above the water line that needed to be cleaned, and the structure measured approximately 40-feet by 25-feet.  The utility was also unable to divert flow or take the structure offline, adding another level of complexity to the project.

Buildup of sand in splitter box

USST crew mobilized to the site, bringing with them a powerhouse of equipment, the Combination Truck, outfitted with extended boom, downhole pump, and jetter.  While the splitter box was in full operation, USST utilized the GritGone Process® to remove 22-cubic yards of sand and grit.  Because the box did not have to be taken offline or drained down, risky confined space entry was not necessary.

“Cleaning in submerged conditions while in operation is our specialty,” said Denver Stutler, Jr., USST CEO.  “Not having to drain down structures and keep our crew out of confined space allows us to solve problems that may not have been previously solvable.”

Splitter box in operation.

Cleaning structures while they remain online can also save a client valuable time and resources in order to remove material.  USST’s equipment performs best in submerged and surcharged conditions, and structure height or depth is almost never an issue for the Combination Truck.

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