See, Clean, & Verify Tanks and Pipes In Operation


Mapping  a structure using SediVisionTM technology.
Mapping a structure using SediVisionTM technology.

Limited visibility into tanks and pipes poses a serious operational challenge for plant operators. Because you don’t know exactly what kind of debris is building up, it’s hard to know how difficult or costly it will be to remove it. Will you have to drain down your tanks or bypass flow? And for how long? 

U.S. Submergent Technologies’ new sonar technology allows us to see the material in your tanks and pipes and develop a targeted approach to remove it, all while facilities remain in service and under flow. And once the work is complete, we’ll verify that it’s been done right, so you won’t have to wonder whether a job was performed as promised.

Get peace of mind when you have a problem to solve

U.S. Submergent Technologies has introduced SediVisionTM, a state-of-the-art sonar tool that provides customers with the assurance of restored capacity. SediVisionTM uses cutting-edge sonar-mapping technology when visibility is crucial to the job ahead, and our new, comprehensive See, Clean, & Verify™ services allow us to see and verify the conditions of both tanks and pipes in real time while the CombinationTruck does the cleaning. All of these services can be performed while facilities remain in full operation, with no bypass or facility shut down, when conditions allow.

We have the technology to get the job planned right

Our SediVisionTM technology is a new and exclusive service offered by USST that can accurately map the distribution of grit, sand, and sludge in your tanks. We can calculate the loss of tank volume from grit accumulation with no need to shut down operations or drain a tank to determine its maintenance status.

When visibility is crucial to the job ahead, U.S. Submergent Technologies calls upon both CCTV Crawler or Combined CCTV/ Sonar Imaging capabilities as needed.

CCTV Crawler in action.
CCTV Crawler in action.

Our CCTV Crawler is a camera on wheels that crawls through a pipe when the water is low and can float down a pipe when the water is higher. Our Combined CCTV/Sonar Imaging is a crawler that floats on top of the flow in a pipe, sending back an image via camera while sonar takes imaging of what’s under the water. The images are combined to get a full view of the structure.

CCTV/Sonar inspection feed (live view).
CCTV/Sonar inspection feed (live view).

Aside from greater visibility, this technology allows us to better prepare for the project, ensuring a more tailored solution and a faster outcome. With complete information, we can recommend the best course of action for removal of any material.

We have the technology to complete the job accurately the first time

 Our See, Clean, & Verify™ services gives us live inspection feed, even in submerged conditions, so we can view pipes and tanks during the cleaning process. Verify what, where, and how much you need to clean. When certain areas of a structure are hard to access, we can also see where the material is in real time and adjust how we clean or access it, while in operation. This means we can get all of the material out the first time, and we can be sure of it.

We have the technology to verify our work

Our See, Clean, & Verify™ services allows us to give you physical evidence of a job done right. We provide comprehensive pre- and post-cleaning reports. Our pre-cleaning report shows what needs to be removed and allows us to develop a targeted removal plan. Our post-cleaning report shows that all of the debris was removed, giving you peace of mind that the job was performed as planned.

We deliver on our promise to the operators responsible for maintaining critical wet infrastructure. Nothing says verified better than an image. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words.

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