Introducing SediVision, A Decision-Making Tool for Allocating Limited Resources

SediVisionTM allows you to see the conditions beneath dark water due to excessive turbidity in your tanks

Given most wastewater infrastructure is out of sight, it often can be out of mind unless it becomes an emergency. Because the water in these structures is highly turbid, it can be difficult to see what is beneath the water stealing your valuable capacity. To help managers responsible for the maintenance of critical wet infrastructure, U.S. Submergent Technologies (USST) developed a remarkable decision-making tool; a sonar imaging system designed especially for wastewater conditions called SediVisionTM.

SediVisionTM allows for greater visibility where there has never been any; under dark water in your tanks. This information can be used to guide the allocation of limited resources and direct cleaning efforts towards structures with the highest accumulation, resulting in a more efficient cleaning process.  SediVisionTM provides visibility and preparation for the project ahead, ensuring a more tailored solution, precise use of time and resources, and a quicker outcome to meet your needs.

When visibility is crucial to the job ahead, SediVisionTM allows you to see the conditions beneath dark water in your tanks.

USST’s SediVisionTM Provides:

  • Comprehensive pre-and post-cleaning inspection images and reports.
  • Recommendations for the best course of action for removal of material.

Would knowing how much and what the material is in your tanks be useful?

USST’s SediVisionTM technology can help you make better decisions managing limited resources while prioritizing critical wet infrastructure. 

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