8 Lift Stations in 6 Days

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More than a year after Hurricane Irma came ashore, a city in northern Florida was still experiencing aftereffects of the storm throughout several of their facilities.  A buildup of sand and grit in multiple lift stations was causing reduced efficiency throughout their collection system and needed to be removed in order to restore capacity.

USST Crew with Combination3® truck at work on lift stations.
USST Crew with Combination3® truck at work on lift stations.

Paul Del Favero, Field Supervisor for U.S. Submergent Technologies® (USST), mobilized the USST crew to begin work on cleaning eight lift stations throughout several of facilities.  The wells were approximately 20-feet deep and were cleaned using USST’s Combination truck.

“We successfully removed material from eight lift stations in just six days,” said Paul.  “Each wet well had a buildup of sand and grit, and we removed rags as well.  Our equipment allows us to be extremely efficient in removing material without having to bypass pump, and crew members were able to avoid confined space entry.”

Wet well cleaning in process.
Wet well cleaning in process.

In addition to valuable capacity being restored, the sand and grit removed was paint-filter dry and was disposed of offsite using USST’s GritGone Process®.  All facilities remained online throughout the cleaning process, saving both time and energy for the client.

Whether you are experiencing reduced pumping capacity or extended pump run times in your collection system due to a buildup of material, storm aftereffects, or I&I, our knowledgeable team can assist in putting together a specialized plan for your facility to safely restore valuable capacity.  The premier restoration services of USST can help utilities extend the life of treatment and collection infrastructure, saving time, energy, and money.

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