In order to better serve our customers, we conduct extensive research and field studies on the debris and residual accumulation problem in wet infrastructure. We periodically publish case studies, white papers, ebooks and presentations on this topic.

Case Studies

Jasper, FL

A wastewater treatment facility located in the City of Jasper, FL was experiencing increased energy costs due to reduced capacity and treatment efficiency from accumulated sand and grit in their infrastructure. More than 44 tons of sand and grit was removed from the facility.

PDF – Case Study – City of Jasper, FL

Port Arthur, TX

A shipping barge berthed at Port Arthur, TX, had a hardened heavy oil/asphalt petroleum product at the bottom of its three compartments of over 30,000 barrels of capacity (total). The client had been trying to clean the barge (remove the material) for several months, without success. Because the product had set up for some time, it had the consistency of rubber and could not be easily removed.

PDF – Case Study – City of Port Arthur, TX

Sumter County, FL

A private retirement facility located in Sumter County, FL, is one of the largest (and still growing) retirement communities in the country. With close to 100,000 residents, this golf course community has an expansive network of storm water infrastructure to accommodate all the residential growth. Their problem was that a 60-inch storm water line had a large deposit of sand that had accumulated, blocking the flow of water inside the pipe.

PDF – Case Study – Sumter County, FL

Starke, FL

The City of Starke grit chamber had an estimated 4 feet of sand submerged under 6 feet of water.  Using the Model 949 Combination3® Truck and the GritGone ProcessSM , we pulled 90% of the sand from the grit chamber into our debris tank in less than three hours – without taking the system offline!  Previously the system had to be shut down for an entire day in order to clean the grit chamber – grit was then removed using a vacuum truck and a couple of workers with shovels …

PDF – Case Study – City of Starke, FL
PDF – Starke Testimonial Letter

Town of Branford

The Town of Branford, FL, was experiencing loss of detention volume and reduced water quality as a result of accumulated sand and grit on the bottom of their aeration basin and digester. The roughly 200,000 gallon per day facility had a large quantity of sand submerged under water. The accumulated sand and grit had reduced the efficiency of the grit chamber and was potentially exposing other elements in the treatment system to a buildup of sediments and particulates.

PDF – Case Study – Town of Branford, FL
PDF – Town of Branford Testimonial Letter